Ukraine in Google AI Contest - I'm TooPro :)


I'm in Google AI Contest, right now submittet code and after 10 minutes get 18 place of 77 place, cool :)

Sep 10th 02:42:22:
Sent first Results - 18 of 77... and then many others came, so my average position was 50 - thats not what I wanted :)

Sep 10th 15:44:54
Updated algorithm beats 6 opponents in a row getting me 32 place of 251 bots. and I go to sleep now :) Because in USA its 18:34 now, but here in Ukrane - 01:34 %)

Sep 11th 15:13:33
Radically improved algorithm for searching planets to attack and WOW!! :) On some short time I was 7 from 560 participants! Great!

Sep 11th 21:07:44
Fully changed algorithm of defense system, but it's hard to test it with these dummy starter bots :(
And small fixes to attacking process. Upload and go to sleep... interesting what will I see in the morning)))
found a problem when analyzing my bots fights in these new defense algorithm, but can't understand why this bug appears %)

Sep 12th 08:05:04
Finally my bot can attack several enemy planets in one turn not the only one planet :)

Sep 13th 08:42:54
Some small fixes and increasing code readability. And more stable 27 rank from 856 bots (6/6 fight won now).