Flash + Drupal 7 using AMF Server (setup problems solved)

Seems like today it's very simple to get good comunication betwen flash (frontend) and drupal 7 (backend), good people had wrote just great API to make your work as simple as possible... but there are spots even in the sun. Here are my steps to make them workin' on D7 + Flex SDK 4.5.

Remove 'field_' prefix from custom fields name in Drupal 7 (D7)

I'm creating shop like app with Flex frontend and Drupal 7 backend for our offline retail sotres (it started from simple products availability DB, so I don't wanted to pay for monster all-in-one commercial soft). The point is now it grew up to many lines of code and I wanted to move to AMFservice for Services 3 module to send typed data to Flex...

So the problem is all my custom created fields for nodes is names as 'field_NAME' and it meens I need them in Flex ValueObjects to be same named and the code loses it's redability... use product.title, but ca'nt use product.price... use user.name, but can't use user.phone...

I definenly need to get those 'field_' prefixes out! So you here is a function to remove them.

7" Android 2.2 stucked at loading animation [SOLVED]

SOLVED for those who can't install UBEROID too. This definently works for 7" ePad with blue power led and green audio jack. And it's really look like Eken m009s with VIA8650 chipset. Read full instructions in this article.

FlashDevelop 4: DllNotFoundException 'jvm.dll' on x64 Win 7

Got this error in output when trying to run debugger: "System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'jvm.dll': The specified module could not be found."... У вас тоже эта ошибка/проблема?

Не работает USB хаб (или перестал работать hub юсб)


Купил себе у китезов самый дешевый юсб хаб, который только мог найти, чисто чтобы мобилку заряжать и документы на флэшки скидывать. Поработал он некоторое время и потом, вдруг, перестал работать usb hub на Windows 7 (64 или 32 бит не важно, думаю). Вспомнилось: "скупой платит дважды", забил на это дело и полез пихать флэки в зад системнику :) Но потом это надоело и немного погуглив нашел решение. Поэтому, если у вас перестал работать usb хаб (разветвитель) - его легко "починить", не выкидывайте.

Drupal reverse pagination

I was waiting for this feature in Drupal 7, but there is not. Reversed pagination is logical and very SEO friendly way of content storing. For example: page number 12 will always have constant collection of nodes showed, so after a year of everyday nodes adding, when there is more than 500 pages - nodes on page number 12 will still be the same, so search engine doesn't need to reindex it over and over again... so ther is no situation when search engine have old index and user can't find needed information when going to your site.

Ukraine in Google AI Contest - I'm TooPro :)


I'm in Google AI Contest, right now submittet code and after 10 minutes get 18 place of 77 place, cool :)

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